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Individual Therapy

I have provided psychotherapy services to children, adults, and families since 2007. In my current practice I am only seeing adults.​ The work is informed by what I continue to learn about attachment, trauma, loss, grief, and developmental frameworks. I strive to use a decolonized lens. The process is collaborative and draws on the culture and strengths of the individual, family, and surrounding systems. 

Many of us experience stress (anxiety, depression, life events) and relational difficulties (family conflict and disruption/dissatisfaction) in our personal and professional lives. I want individuals to have access to their fullest and best selves... and I believe this is possible with support and healing. I provide compassionate and relational psychotherapy to those who want to take a deeper look at what is getting in the way of a more fulfilling and functional life. 

Therapy may address:

Adoption and blended/transitioning families


Attachment & relationships


Family of Origin exploration
Grief and loss

Life transitions

LGBTQ+ affirmation

Parenting concerns and support

Post-partum support

Self esteem and self-empowerment

Stress management



Initial session: $180 (60-85 minutes)

Follow up sessions: $140 per 55-min session or $160 for 85-min session

Sliding Scale is available through Open Path.



All services are self pay. (Not currently accepting insurance.)


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