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About me

I am an imperfect human here to witness, guide, and support this work, which I believe is about practice and nervous system resilience.  

I became a clinical social worker because I value human relationships, service, and social justice. Time working with people who have experienced trauma and loss helped me understand the importance of connection for healing. Mindfulness helps me practice reflection and curiosity. Becoming a parent has challenged me to develop self-compassion and patience.  These are some of the core principles that I integrate into my work with others. I am a feminist, I am an ally to those identifying as LGBTQIA+, I am trans-affirming, and I strive to embody anti-racism. I believe that embodied practices will help us integrate and heal our minds and bodies, both individually and collectively. I believe we have all inherited racialized trauma and we are all responsible for healing those wounds. 


I see connection, reflection, and curiosity as pathways for healing. I want to help you identify what is working, what is not working, and then explore what can be done to make things more functional and fulfilling in your life. By honestly examining ourselves and those around us, and by committing to small daily practices, I believe we can make sustainable change. This reflective and somatic practice is what I call Deeper Knowing.

It would be my honor to walk beside you through this process of exploration and growth! I describe my style as warm, relational, and trauma-informed. I am open to short-term or long-term collaborative work. I integrate what I know about neurobiology and I am passionate about honoring inherent worth, healthy boundaries, self/mutual care, and moderation. I also have training in Accelerated Resolution Therapy and am open to scheduling single-session ART appointments for those who are already connected to a therapist for ongoing support. 


Katie Nissly, MSW, LICSW

pronouns: she/her

Master's in Social Work, University of MN, 2007


Licensed by the MN Board of Social Work as an Independent Clinical Social Worker, since 2009

Providing supervision for LGSWs (for licensure) since 2012

MN Society for Clinical Social Work, member

Mother, wife, daughter, sister, community member, learner, unlearner  :-) 

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